Volunteer Bank

We have a registration system for volunteers who are willing to work with their interests and areas of expertise. We will introduce you to volunteers who are willing to take part in our activities upon request. Any nationality is welcome.

Volunteer Bank Flyer

Types of volunteers


  1. Interpreter/Translator
    A person who can interpret/translate at conversational level and above.
  2. Cultural Leader
    A person who can introduce foreign cultures.
    ・Foreign cultures, such as ethnic dance and food.
    ・Japanese culture, such as Japanese calligraphy and tea ceremonies.
    ・Share experiences.
  3. Foreign Language /Japanese Teacher
    A person who can teach foreign languages or Japanese.
  4. Activity support volunteers (Japanese supporters/hosting students/international relationship activities)

    Japanese supporters

    A person who can assist Japanese classes held by our association.
    No language requirements
    Volunteer for hosting students
    A person who can accept foreign students through our homestay program.
    No need to be fluent in the language
    Volunteer for International relationship activities.
    A person who can help at events and join in our activities.
    No language requirements

How to apply

Fill out the “Volunteer Bank Registration form” application form as well as your preferred category application, and send it to us via FAX, E-mail, post or in person. (You can make applications for multiple volunteer categories)

Those under 18 years of age need permission from a guardian.

Category Word PDF

Volunteer Bank Registration Form

【Japanese】 【English】

【Japanese】 【English】


【Japanese】 【English】

【Japanese】 【English】

②Cultural Leader

【Japanese】 【English】

【Japanese】 【English】

③Foreign language/Japanese class

【Japanese】 【English】

【Japanese】 【English】

④Activity support volunteers
・Japanese supporters
・Hosting Students
・International relationship activities

【Japanese】 【English】

【Japanese】 【English】


Details on registration

We will most likely contact you via e-mail when we receive a request from a client, so please provide us your e-mail address. We’d prefer an address that isn’t a mobile e-mail address as we may also need to attach documents (Ex: PDF files)

If you want to write your mobile e-mail address, set your phone to accept emails from


If you don’t have an e-mail address, you must provide us with your phone number.

About introducing volunteers


We can introduce you to our registered members who can interpret/translate, be involved in local events and instruct cultural classes.

Example of a request
Request notices
How to request

Fill out the application form and send it to the following via FAX, E-mail, by post or in person.

Request form (Word)

Request form (PDF)