Frequently Asked Questions

About membership registration

Q. How do I go about becoming a member?

A. Please fill out the application form and bring it directly to the association, or submit it by fax, mail or e-mail. The application form is available at the Ichinoseki International Association office and is also downloadable from our homepage. If the registrant is under the age of 18, consent from a guardian is required.

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Q. What kinds of things can I do as a member?

A. The association will promptly inform you on trainings, seminars, events, etc. related to international exchange where you can participate. In addition, you can get involved in project operations sponsored by the association.

Q. Can I become a member even if I am not a citizen of Ichinoseki?

A. Anyone can become a member.

Q.Do I need to be a member to participate in events?

A. You can participate regardless of whether you are a member or a non-member.

About registering as a volunteer

Q.Can anyone register as a volunteer?

A. Anyone who has an interest in international exchange is more than welcome. There are no requirements of foreign language ability, age, and nationality.

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Q.I’d like to register for the volunteer bank; what kind of categories are there?

A.Our association is always looking for the following

  1. Interpreter/translator (a personal with conversational level skill or higher)
  2. Cultural leader
  3. Foreign language/Japanese class (a person who can teach a foreign language, a person who can teach Japanese)
  4. Japanese supporters (no foreign language requirement)
  5. A person who can accept home stays (no foreign language requirement)
  6. Volunteer for International relationship activities.(Assisting events, no language requirements)

Q.How do I go about registering?

A.Fill out the “Volunteer Bank Registration form” application form as well as your preferred category application, and send it to us via FAX, E-mail, by post or in person. The application form is available at the Ichinoseki International Association office and is also downloadable from our homepage.
Those under 18 years of age need permission from a guardian.

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About consultations for foreigners

Q.What kind of things can be consulted on?

A. Feel free to contact us if you have any difficulties in things such as learning Japanese or understanding medical care. We also accept consultations from family members and acquaintances. We also accept inquiries from companies that hire foreign workers.

Q. Is there a fee?

A. No, there is no fee,


Q. Is there parking?

A.  You can use the Nano Hana Plaza parking lot and the Ichinoseki Library parking lot, but spaces are limited. If the car park is full, please use a nearby toll parking lot.