About the association


The Ichinoseki International Association was established on February 2, 2020, with the aim of fostering citizens’ awareness of internationalization, deepening international understanding and contributing to the development of a multicultural society while showcasing the history, culture, and other characteristics of Ichinoseki City.

Name:  Ichinoseki International Association
Chairman Masatomo Takahashi
Address: 4-29 Omachi, Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture, Nano Hana Plaza 4th floor
Phone number: 0191-34-4711
Fax number: 0191-34-4712
Date of establishment: February 2, 2020

To develop various citizen-centered international exchange, international cooperation, and multicultural society projects.

To contribute to the formation of a multicultural society by fostering citizens’ awareness of internationalization and deepening international understanding.

Main activities

Promotion of international understanding/multiculturalism, livelihood support for foreign residents, accepting consignment from local governments

Respect and continue to support the four principles of humanitarian assistance, (1) humanity, (2) impartiality, (3) neutrality and (4) independence


67 individual members (including associate members)
8 family memberships
7 group memberships

(As of March 31,2022)



Address: 4-29 Omachi, Ichinoseki City Nanohana Plaza 4th floor
Phone: 0191-34-4711 Fax:0191-34-4712

〇For those use the train
A 5 minute walk from Ichinoseki Station after getting off the Tohoku Main Line/Ofunato Line

〇For those who use the bus
A 5 minute walk from the Ichinoseki Ekimae bus stop.

〇For those who drive
Please use “Nano Hana Plaza Parking Lot” or the “Ichinoseki Library Parking Lot”. If the carpark is full, please use a nearby parking lot.


Ichinoseki International Association News Letter

Recruiting members

Information on recruitment of association members

For those who are interested in international exchange, and want to experience foreign languages and cultures, why not join us as a member?

Our association is working on various projects with everyone’s support. The donations and membership fees provided to our association will be used for upcoming projects. We look forward to your participation in the internationalization of the region, international exchange, and the realization of a multicultural society.

annual fee

There is also an associate membership (no membership fee) system for students.

How to join

Please fill in the required items on the following membership application form and submit it to the association in person, by fax, e-mail, or post.

Enrollment information (PDF)

Membership application form (PDF)

Membership application form (Word)